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Have a happy life


Have a happy life

A thick day can be considered as twelve hours. Out of these two hours of food, ten hours of pure savings are reserved for relaxation. These have been used regularly in public welfare adoration of charitable purposes. In short, they can be said this way. 1-Determination of the concept of age consciousness for the sublime of the masses- Literary creation 2- Organization conservation contributions to the awakened souls to adapt activities according to the age-based activities, 3-to emerge from personal difficulties and to create a happy future. The service of our service is divided into three departments. Among them, the second and third stream has been approaching and reaching out to innumerable people.

Most of these have the opportunity to light and change. Details of their names and developments are not possible because one should be helped to remember them. It is not a habit of its own, then its number is manufactured and so much so that a great overwhelm can be written only by the descriptions of the memory. Then they can also object. These days, the practice of expressing gratitude ended. Reduced the importance of helping others. Your fate or happiness is to be proclaimed. He is mentioned in the help of others. In such a situation, mentioning events on your part in which people suffer or lose opportunities for progress will not be appropriate. Then there is one thing that after the dedication, virtue decreases. It is considered appropriate to hold silence in relation to such incidents of such disruptions, and the context is being concluded by not saying anything.

Even so, those services are important. So far, more than 24 lakh people are associated with the family. Those of them who are attracted to this effect is influenced by the principles, ideals, they are less. The number is more of them, who have received light, caution, cooperation, consultation and grants in personal life. Such incidents make space in human beings. Especially when the aide assists every criterion in terms of its authenticity and selflessness. There will be hardly half-thirds in the contact, which is a serious understanding of the mission’s ideas and our presentations. The rest have returned and returned in peace with the comforting experiences in running and burning situations.

This is the reason why this has become such a big feat. Otherwise, if everything was happening just on the theory, then being a limited member, and the personal affinity, the atmosphere of intimacy that he does not see. Mother has had to bear the highest burden of this pressure due to reasons like lack of visitors, time-consuming arrival, lack of accommodation and food arrangements, but considering the amount of affection that has been earned in exchange for that inconvenience, we People have been blessed. It seems that whatever is done is being recovered along with interest. If a person takes a little less from the point of view of money without proper sense, then the deal should not be considered for losses.

For the worship, for the worship of public welfare, the zodiac’s capital needs to be worshiped. What do you eat without hungry? What to share where did this capital come from? Where to raise? For this, the guide had said the day before- who is nearby, learn to sow in God’s field like seeds? The number of times it was sown, it was one a hundred times in the purpose of purpose, there would be no shortage of matter. He gave the example of an ascetic, who was a farmer, used to feed all the people who had escaped from his stomach to the needy. God was very pleased with this true spiritual practice and gave such a permanent place, whose food has never been dealt with and his food session in Gujarat continues, in which thousands of devotees feed daily. The person who gives himself, without the support of the outside, gets the help, but who keeps his money safe, asks for the others, who keep on raising the charity, only people are ridiculed and keep away from giving the philosophy.



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