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Man is the super-hub of power


Man is the super-hub of power

Consciousness, thought restraint, chaos detention, a concentration of meditation solve a big spiritual problem. Putting your mind wherever you want it and taking it away from wherever you want it is such a process through which all mental suffering can be brought to an end by removing the mind from mourning, anger, anxiety, fear, work, disappointment, impudence etc. There is three fourth sad mentality in the world and one-fourth of physical suffering. A man also forgets physical suffering when his mind is roaming in a pleasurable ideology. Whose mind is in control, whose diet is restrained, he does not have to suffer in any kind of physical pain, but if some personal experiences any pain caused by it, then person with same mind easily tolerates laughter and laughs. Thus, getting relief from physical suffering. Unlike every clock, even in the circumstances – its internal peace is not destroyed.

The nature of the mind is something to do. He never wages every time he wants something or something. Therefore, the mind is restrained from the other directions and placed on five subjects of five senses. The ears, eyes, nose, skin are the five senses – their work is to experience the words, form, juice, smell, touch respectively. These five senses are also related to five elements. Words from sky; sharpness of form is the juice of water, the smell of the earth and the touch of the air is known. It can be accumulated by practice of applying mind to these five phenomena in a particular way. Now the five tactics are written briefly in advance.

Mixing nutmeg powder, wax and a little musk, it should be tied in two small silk pellet bottles. This bottle should be so big that the ear becomes fit like a bottle of coconut and the path does not have to go in the air. Some seekers use basil or sandalwood, bottles of cotton rug or fingers, instead of these bottles, ancient practice is then packed with silk. But things can also be done with other things. After cultivation, it is necessary to clean them properly by removing them and preventing them from sticking to scum of the ear.

The silence of the night, the noisy time is better for this tactic. Become cleansed and sit quietly on such convenient postures, due to which the tactic should not be changed in the middle of time. Close the ear piercing with a pill, bracelet, cork, cotton, or finger so that the words outside can’t be reached within the ear. Close the Eyes Keep the spine straight.

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1 Comment

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