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The science of yoga and mesmerism


The science of yoga and mesmerism

How many human thoughts systems become so distorted that they are unable to stop the flow of thoughts running in their brain. Confronted by someone, after separation, the two parties separated, but the brain of a person with a perverse thinking system is entangled in it. Heavy stimulation and heat get filled in brain due to which head starts crying. At that time no matter how much work is required, the brain is not ready to leave the stimulus and consider the new question. Wisdom says that ‘Whatever has happened has happened, it is not good to have so much confusion on small things, let’s consider the other thing.’ But that idea does not get flowing, but the same stimulus echoes within the head. The headache does not come fully in the night. Heats the heat in the eyes but does not get stuck with that stimulus.

Similarly, many people remain deeply saddened by mischief of anxiety, sorrow, jealousy, ego, hatred, greed etc. They want to leave these ideas, but they do not leave. After returning, those things are filled in the mind. This is the result of a corrupt thinking system. This is a kind of fierce bondage. Man in which bonded man is forced to move away somewhere. It is difficult to get inner peace without getting rid of slavery of these thoughts.

We must have our supremacy over ideas. Whenever we want to think in our brain and when we want to get this situation, it is very important for pilgrims of spiritual field. Overcoming thoughts is a success in concentration. Concentration – main weapon of mental advancement is the weapon. The main seeker of sleeping in others in mesmerajam is concentrated deeply. Concentration is main focus in meditation. Meditation is only syndrome of concentration. Successful people of talented sections such as businessmen, scientists, poets, painters, nuts, writers, thinkers, artists, artists, shine their talents with effect of concentration. In which there is no concentration, he can’t do any important work in the mental field.

If the gunpowder is spread on the ground and it is set on fire, it will end with burning water. But if same amount of gunpowder is allowed to be kept in a fixed way only in a fixed direction, then it hurts the fierce words and the deadly life. Even if thoughts remain scattered, then they have no significance, but when they are centered on one place, then the result of the convergence with the power of concentration present. Where the concentrated mind takes it, the successes are stacked.

To control thoughts is to subdue the mind. Patanjali has called the detention of fascism as yoga. Who has conquered his mind, think that he has conquered world? This is specialty of great men that they do not run into flow of ideas, but wherever they want, they give ideas. When you want to, turn the flow of thoughts, change it, turn it off and turn it off. Mahatma Gandhi has to solve a lot of serious issues, sometimes he faces serious problems and sometimes he faces heavy burdens on his shoulder, but when he wants, he stops the flow of ideas. Participating in the serious debate, if a few minutes are available, then they sleep deeply in such a long time. While knocking in the Napoleonic war zone, for a while, horse used to support tree and slept with help of the tree to sleep. We should have the same right over ideas. By turning the mounted hinge, your horse moves the mind in the right direction.

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1 Comment

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